Spindle Oil by ENI

Spindle Oil by ENI

Most of the time we underestimate the power of small things that could make huge differences such as Spindle Oil used in several industries like automated, textile, hydraulic systems and more. Spindle Oil is basically a type of low-viscosity mineral oil mostly used in high-speed machine spindles and recommended for lubrications of textile, machine tools, spindle bearings, timing gears, positive displacement blowers and many other precision machine tools.

At Krishna Auto Electric, you can get ensured to receive superior quality Spindle Oil by ENI that offers numerous benefits and advantages such as:-

Good strength of oil film

Great demulsibility

High chemical stability/p>

Lowest fluid friction

Resistance to rusting and corrosion

Special features include-

Energy efficient Spindle oil by ENI

Suitable for almost all the application areas

Physio- chemical characteristics

Our products can help in keeping your appliances running with a minimum downtime. To know more, connect with our professionals right away!

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ACER SO 10 EE - We offer this special spindle oil by ENI that features very low viscosity is formulated from selected base stocks treated with antitrust, antioxidant, and some anti-wear additives. Our AGIP ACER SO 10 EE is manufactured specifically as an Energy Efficient lubricant for the ring frame.

We would love to recommend ACER SO 10 EE for lubrication of high-speed spindles of machine tools. Perhaps the spindle oil by ENI available in pack sizes: 210L can be even used for lubrication of sleeve type spindle bearings and for applications where there is a need for high speed and close clearances.

At KAE, our expertise lies in supplying a comprehensive range of automotive components like Spindle oil, gear oil, engine oil, grease and the list goes on. You will be even interested to know that our products have gone through several testing parameters in order to offer you nothing but finest quality products from our space.

That's all for now! For more details and descriptions such crucial automotive and electrical components, kindly connect with our professionals later in the day!


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