Gear Oil by ENI

Gear Oil by ENI

Gear lubricants, often referred as gear oils these days, are mainly used to lubricate a variety of mechanical gearboxes. Currently, the modern vehicles are designed with more horsepower and torque as compared to the past. Thus, this results in higher gear loading and other differentials.

Gear oil is divided into numerous categories like vehicle gear oil and industrial gear oil. As the name suggests, a vehicle gear oil is mainly used in automobiles, engineering machinery transmission, steering, front, and rare drive axle, etc while industrial gear oils are used to open under various load conditions, semi-open, closed and worm gears. At Krishna Auto Electric, we offer the finest range of Gear Oil by ENI to be used as gear lubricants.

Our products, including gear lubricants, can help in keeping your appliances running with a minimum downtime. To know more, connect with our professionals right away!

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Speaking further about industrial gear oils, we offer :-

BLASIA (ISO VG 68, 100, 150, 220,320 & 460)

  • DIN 51517 TEIL 3 CLP
  • US STEEL 224
  • Industrial Gear oil which meets the widest range of requirements of EP lubrication.

Benefits and advantages:-

✔ Excellent high speed and crash performances.

✔ Outstanding low speed and high load performance.

✔ Satisfy the widest range of operational requirements.

✔ Recommended for use as gear lubricant for all types of enclosed gears, especially where operating conditions involve heavy loads and high relative sliding velocities.

✔ Available in pack sizes: 210 Liters.

BLASIA XMP (ISO VG 220, 320 & 460)

  • ISO 12925-1 – type CKD
  • ANSI/AGMA 9005-D94 (AGMA 4EP, 5EP, 6EP e 7EP)
  • DIN 51517 teil 3 – tipo CLP
  • FLENDER BA 7300

The AGIP BLASIA XMP series are very high performance gear oils by ENI for lubricating in extreme pressure conditions (EP) , in particular, those extremely compact and of high specific power that could have problems of micro-pitting damages.

Benefits and advantages:-

✔ High thermal and oxidation stability, permitting continuous use at operating temperatures as high as 100°C;

✔ On-corrosiveness towards materials employed for the construction of machinery and especially those used for gaskets and

✔ Timken OK load (ASTM D 2782), 70 lbs;

✔ 4 4 balls EP (ASTM D 2783), last non-seizure load: 110 kg; welding load: 280kg.

Our gear lubricants are best for splash or circulation lubrication of all types of enclosed gears, especially when the operating conditions involves heavy loads, high speeds, and high relative sliding velocities, in both industrial and marine applications.

Three attributes to consider when selecting gear oil by ENI


✔ The gear oil must remain thermally stable and not oxidize at high temperatures

✔ In the case of enclosed application of gearboxes, you need to buy gear oil that comprises of extreme pressure properties.

✔ Your gear oil has to be capable enough to fight against the contamination, especially by water.


BLASIA 68 100 150 220 320 460
VISCOCITY INDEX 102 100 100 98 98 98
FLASH POINT COC 232 236 244 244 256 286

AGIP BLASIA products have been approved by the CINCINNATI MILACRON (P-63 ISO 68, P-77 ISO 150, P-74 ISO 220,P-35 ISO 460). AGIP BLASIA 150, 220, 320, 460, are approved by Danieli according to Standard 0.000.001 specification

BLASIA XMP 150 220 320 460
FLASH POINT COC 235 240 240 245

AGIP BLASIA XMP oils met the requirements of the following specifications:

ISO 12925-1 – type CKD
ANSI/AGMA 9005-D94 (AGMA 4EP, 5EP, 6EP e 7EP)
CINCINNATI MILACRON (P-77 ISO 150, P-74 ISO 220,P-35 ISO 460) level.
DAVID BROWN S1.53.101(5E) level
DIN 51517 teil 3 – tipo CLP
Müller Weingarten DT 55 005 type CLP
U.S. STEEL 224

So get ready to discover a high-efficiency range of gear oils by ENI formulated for lubricating gearboxes. Connect with our professionals today!


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